Dead Block

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  • Dead Block


    Equip yourself with a gun and rush into Dead Block. In this thrilling Minecraft-themed shooting game, you have to defend your town against a flood of zombies. Are you ready yet? Let's go! Right now, zombies appear everywhere with the day-night cycle. Become a brave hunter and go all the way to annhilate the bloodthirsty creatures once and for all. To survive, you must explore and loot barns, houses, stores, and whatever else you can find. Look for resources like metal or wood to make campfires or craft weapons. It’s necessary to obtain food and water to increase your energy, plus to search for medical supplies to heal yourself in case you are injured. Be very careful as the enemies are super fast and scary! In Dead Block, do not let unruly monsters break in and take over your base. Whenever they get any near to you, make sure to get headshots!

    Uploaded on: 17 Jan , 2017 Comments: 0
  • Instructions:

    Move: WASD. Scope + Aim and shoot: Mouse. Pick up items: F. Inventory: E. Jump: Space.