Midnight Miner

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  • Midnight Miner


    Welcome all of you to Midnight Miner! What do you expect from this discovery game? Your eyebrows will be raised once entering the playing field! Come on! Do you want to become the wealthiest person in this universe? Alright, tie your shoelaces and descend the earth to explore the mysteries through the moonlight at this moment! Bear in mind, the deeper players dig, the more rare & valuable gems (as well as metals) they will achieve. Silver, gold, rubies, diamonds, etc. – all are just waiting for your next exploration. Always look around to keep self careful! Why? If you make any mistake, a buried stone will cripple your gathered achievements. Thus, please focus on the descending way highly while moving. Oh, avoid colliding with any large grey boulders while drilling through other minerals. At the end of the day, players can obtain the rewards from the midnight mine! This game’s such a new experience, right? Enjoy it now!

    Uploaded on: 11 May , 2016 Comments: 0
  • Instructions:

    Press AD or left/right arrows to steer your mining craft.