Mine Blocks

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  • Mine Blocks


    Welcome to the best Minecraft adventure game “Mine Blocks”! A Minecraft man is in the 2D world. He wants to make a castle in this world, but he can not know the way to do. You must help him to discover this world and use the skills as mining, crafting, and building to start a job. The first world is mining some resources such as cactus, red flowers, yellow flowers, mushroom, sand, seeds, bamboo, leather, white cloth, and more. The next, these resources are used to craft the basic product: wooden plank, sticks, wooden pickaxe, etc. This version 1.19.4_5 has new features as fixed portals! Added sun and moon! Fixed liquid physics! Store! Fixed more bugs! If you’re logged in, kill monsters for XP! Added water currents! Doubled height of world! Sneaking! (Press down key). Enjoy it!

    Uploaded on: 21 Nov , 2016 Comments: 0
  • Instructions:

    Some tools are used to play: the left mouse, H, T, Ctrl and others.