Mine Trip

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  • Mine Trip


    Are you ready for the upcoming Mine Trip? A new adventure full of incredible things is waiting for your exploration! Okay, let’s make a wooden cart for yourself first! What for? Your major objective here is to ride the cart inside a dark and mysterious cavern wisely and cleverly. You’ll gain a victory if you can dodge over all the obstacles (bats, spikes, wooden planks, etc.) perfectly! While moving, the players will easily discover the money pocket hanged on the way. Don’t hesitate to grab them all; after that, purchase upgrades in Shop by making use of all the gathered coins. When approaching the advanced stages, the cart must be equipped with expensive yet firm items to make sure you won’t be fallen out the cart. Gain the furthest distance as well as the highest score to impress other players. Attention! Players have only 3 precious lives, so please be careful throughout the bumpy journey!

    Uploaded on: 11 May , 2016 Comments: 0
  • Instructions:

    To control the cart, simply press WASD or the Arrows.