Mine Upgrade

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  • Mine Upgrade


    Hi, all Minecraft fellows! Let us present Mine Upgrade – a new idle-click game – that surely catches your attention! What should you perform here? Click on the ‘Play’ button and figure out immediately! Let’s imagine that you suddenly enter an unknown place, like a dark cave, one day. How to survive there if you have nothing? At that moment, look around! Countless valuables, such as coal, gold, diamond, ruby, and so forth, can be easily found. Don’t just stay still and stare at them, huh? No one can resist the treasures, including you! It’s time to carry out the chief task – making use of a pickaxe and tapping it continuously on raw materials displayed on the screen to gain money. Buy advanced upgrades to boosting the mining productivity! Keep playing to unlock the newer resources! Freely sell any useless mineral, remember! Can’t wait any longer, right? Have a fun time underground!

    Uploaded on: 11 May , 2016 Comments: 0
  • Instructions:

    The chief key in Mine Upgrade is the mouse.