Minedig – Journey to Hollow Earth

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Minedig – Journey to Hollow Earth

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Minedig – Journey to Hollow Earth


Join Steve, the Minecraft hero, in Minedig Journey to Hollow Earth. With this mining game, help him dig down the depths of the earth to achieve rare materials and the highest score.

Feel sick of the blasting snowy world where he has lived all his life, Steve decides to make an adventure to the center of the earth called, Hollow Earth. Guide your character to dig deep through the ground until discovering the valuable treasures. Wondering what kind of world waiting him down there? Ask him to keep mining, drilling, crafting, and dying over and over again to collect tons of minerals for advanced tools and new upgrades. While performing the job, help the man watch out for the dangers along the way. Craft better mining equipment if you want more priceless, rare resources.

Access Minedig Journey to Hollow Earth and give Steve a helping hand. Enjoy!
Click the left mouse to start digging.
Press 1 to activate bombs and 2 or 3 to activate drills.

Uploaded on: 26 Nov , 2016 Comments: 0
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