Monster Craft

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  • Monster Craft


    Recall the previous epic battle in the prequel? Well then, you'd better hurry since your next battle is about to start. Play Monster Craft 2 and once again, create your very own group of gruesome warriors. What exactly do you have to do in the second installment of this game? Now you must defeat all the enemies in the area. But before you begin, you should use the Craft Lab to breed monsters and increase the strength of your little army. Be sure to check the crafting book for all combinations you can use. Afterwards, engage the vile wastelands and fight your way through. Try to defeat as many enemies as possible and reap as much currency as possible. You can use the coins to upgrade your monsters' fighting intensity, hire more advanced mercenaries, and unlock cool achievements. One thing you should keep in mind is to always be prepared since you'll always need to be one step ahead of your foes. Play Monster Craft 2 now -- a fantastic action-packed strategy game!

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  • Instructions:

    Use the mouse to select units and interact with them.