Paper Minecraft v8.9b

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  • Paper Minecraft v8.9b


    Guys, don’t miss the chance to enjoy the newest Minecraft game – Paper Minecraft v8.9b (2D Minecraft). A beautiful world and interesting things are waiting for you to explore ahead. Come on and discover them now. Once again, players can freely do anything they love in this new world. Look! The world is so wonderful, right? It is full of colorful flowers, tall trees, and nice mountains. Come on and choose a suitable place. Then, send your desires into this mysterious world. The players can generate a pretty house, a marvelous mansion, a miraculous castle, or whatever they dream. Don’t need to wait anymore. Let’s go and break blocks to collect wood, stones, rocks, coal, iron and more in order to place them and set up hilarious structures. Don’t forget to visit Inventory to pick modern furniture and decorate the world more luxuriously. Enjoy your own world, guys!

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  • Instructions:

    Use WASD keys to scroll the map.